Civil Engineering Solutions

Structural Engineering Drawings

Structural drawings are used to execute the architect’s concept by specifying the details of structural members in terms of their shape, size, material, connection etc. In small projects, generally people tend to ignore these drawings. Not only from structural point of view but also from safety aspects it is very important to have these drawings.

We provide to client the detailed drawing as per the revised standards with ductile detailing.

Project Management Consultancy

In construction projects, time is very important as it includes heavy penalty not only in terms of money but also in overall satisfaction of the client. Time management have great influence in every walk of the life, be it menial work or the skilled one. To execute the project properly, timely coordination among workers & engineers and its monitoring by experts is necessary.

We provide complete supervision and monitoring of construction projects in time bound and cost effective manner.

Site Supervision

Construction of structures includes many difficulties in the execution of what drawings have. For instance, it takes a lot of effort to have proper placing of reinforcement at joints as per the drawings, and generally labor ignores it. However, they are the key elements of the structure which decide its longevity and sustainability especially in unforeseen situations.

Through site supervision we ensure quality control and maintains the optimum match between drawings and the real structure.

Drawing Proof Reading

As they rightly say, ‘to err is human.’ Therefore, drawings made by someone includes various loopholes and lacuna due to various reasons like lack of information, drafting, miscommunication etc.

We offer services to read existing drawings and provide confirmation of whether it is good for construction or not?

Site Investigation

Before any project to begin with, it is important to check whether the soil beneath it will bear the load of the structure or not? How much the soil can take and what will be the behavior of soil on given load of structure? As it’s the foundation or the soil which holds the building, their proper investigation becomes the need of the hour.

At TeXeL we offer pre-project activities like site visit, feasibility report, soil investigation, and detailed project reports to clients.

MEP Services

MEP services in the buildings are of vast significance as they provide the needed comfort and serve its purpose for what they have been made for. Till recently they were not planned and were executed randomly. But now they are being planned well in advance due to its greater utility.

We provide detailed MEP Drawings (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) for the projects.

Planning & Elevations

Initial phase for any project is planning that depends upon the client’s requirement and upon governing authority. It also depends upon laws of the locality where the project is going to be executed. Through planning we optimize resources and minimize the constraints of space, time, money etc.

We provide plan and elevation for construction projects.